I Switched to iPhone Just for the Apps, These are the Best iOS Apps

I was a diehard android user since birth, but iOS has better apps. I rigerously evaluated the value proposition, and swithced. Very happy I did, even if I HATE the heavy hand of our Apple Overlords you can feel throught the iPhone experience.

iOS has better, more thoughtful, reliable and beautiful apps than Android. The catch: you have to pay for it.

Weather Line — best widget, and best forecasting. $20/year.

Due — best todo app for those things that are painful todo.. It’ll just keep bugging you till you check it off or get it done. Very efficient UI. This has got me to brush my teeth more consistently. $7 one time.

Focus Keeper — elegant Pomodoro to leave facing me on my wireless charging stand (free, or, unnecessary, $2 one time)

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