I solve real world problems with machine learning.

Swarthmore college president Val Smith asked me to speak to incoming students at orientation 2019. View my talk on startups, failure and creating your own system of happiness.
Working at NASA’s Autonomy incubator, read about my work here.


Masters in Computer Science from UIUC
Specialization in applied machine learning, ML-ops, and distributed ML training.
Expected grad May, 2023.

National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Research Assistant, Oct 21-Present.
Funded by the NSF & IBM Research.

I implemented distributed ML training on a GPU supercomputer (25 Nvidia DGX nodes, 200 A100 GPUs) to scale up the research of domain experts in biology and physics.

JLESC — Joint Laboratory on Extreme Scale Computing


Internship at IBM Research, May – Aug ’22.
AI Foundation Model training, dataflow optimization. Based in historic Yorktown, NY.

Sarcos Robotics – Advanced exoskeletons
Machine Learning R&D Intern

Built machine learning vision segmentation models running on edge computers (Nvidia Jetson on-robot) including sensor fusion with depth sensing cameras to understand 3D scenes in pixel-per-pixel segmentation, at 100+ FPS, for highly accurate robot planning.

Previous cofounder of Bioloop Sleep
Jason Jin has built a great team since I left!

3x NASA Software intern for Autonomous Systems

Focused on OpenCV, 3D point clouds (RGB-D), and parallel computing.

View my resume here.

Tools for Thought

🧠 Neural networks ignoring training data: the astonishing power of Attention

Learning means forming a compact representation of a concept and forgetting enables greater information density.

Attention visualized and working well.

📚 Designing Better Books

What is the future of books? How can we make learning cheaper and easier by design? Like with a mnemonic medium? How can I build on the best examples on the internet today?

Futuristic looking books

🛠 My best tools as a high-performance knowledge worker

Pianists at every level drill scales so they can think in higher abstractions while they play. But no knowledge worker I know deliberately practices their craft. I’m hoping to bridge this gap, to craft a nice workspace, to leave more mental space free to invent new ideas.
Come look at the “tech stack” behind my creative process.

The Good Thinking blog

💻 Making Windows Excellent (become a 10x computer user)

👩‍💻 Make CS your Hobby

💡 Most enlightening places on the internet (for CS nerds)

🍎 Best Apps for iOS (from a life-long android fanboy)

🎓 Academic Publishing is a joke; here’s a better way to communicate science. Draft, please add your comments 🙂

For HackMIT 2017, I owned the ML model construction for our fake news detection system. I’m happy with this extremely creative approach for utilizing stance detection and a dynamic reputation database to classify news.

My work

NASA In-Space Robotics Internships

I worked in NASA’s Autonomy Incubator working on the computer vision systems for the robotic assembly of large satellites or space stations while in orbit.

Won HackMIT 2017 & 2018!

See our Fake News Detection AI!
See our AI journaling app! I developed creative novel AI text generation system.

Climbing First Ascent using Custom UAVs

My dad and I made the first ascent of the highest unclimbed peak in Colorado, using my custom built drones to set the ropes.
See the photo & video here!

NASA Media Highlights

This edu-tainment video NASA made about me explains what I worked on and why, but not much of the technical detail. It was all C++ in OpenCV & ROS.

Follow my twitter

Follow my twitter 🐣 for machine learning news & memes.

Personal Life

Extreme Outdoorsing

Sedona, Az.

Learn how I get creative in The Great Outdoors.

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