View my resume here.

For HackMIT 2017, I owned the ML model construction for our fake news detection system. I’m happy with this extremely creative approach for utilizing stance detection and a dynamic reputation database to classify news.

My work

NASA In-Space Robotics Internships

I worked in NASA’s Autonomy Incubator working on the computer vision systems for the robotic assembly of large satellites or space stations while in orbit.

Won HackMIT 2017 & 2018!

See our Fake News Detection AI!
See our AI journaling app! I developed creative novel AI text generation system.

First Ascent using Custom UAVs

My dad and I made the first ascent of the highest unclimbed peak in Colorado, using my custom built drones to set the ropes.
See the photo & video here!

NASA Media Highlights

This edu-tainment video NASA made about me explains what I worked on and why, but not much of the technical detail. It was all C++ in OpenCV & ROS.


Video Production

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