🥉 3/5 Comedy, Sex, God

🖋️ By Pete Holmes
🎧 I listened to the audiobook!
Never as good as reading, but better than nothing during road trips and workouts.

These are summary notes of surprising information, written so I can better remember what I read.

I first found this book when I was searching to create my own thing I call my “System of Happiness.” It’s a set of practices I know work for me to feel better when things are tough – it’s a living document to help me learn myself better.

It was an interesting foray into someone else’s divorce.
A look at religion I wasn’t expecting. Lots of the usual stuff, but also something better… when Duncan Trussell got involved.

It was interesting to hear someone describe what their drinking problem looked like, and how it evolved. As someone leaving college in my early twenties, there’s a fine line between ‘having fun’ and it becoming a problem.

The best part of this book is learning about Duncan Trussell, and then I was pleasantly struck with the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon (that observation bias remembering thing) when I saw his new show appear on Netflix a few days later: The Midnight Gospel. That show is wild and fascinating, surpassing this more conservative book.

Notable quotes:

  • Declining a handjob… The height of christian camp cool.
  • He thought he could pause his maturation in life once he got married.. he later realized “no wonder my wife left me.. I was a sulking man-child.”
  • Mushrooms at a music festival opened his eyes to god, but left no lasting answers. That seems like a common experience. Duncan Trussell goes much further than that, but to what avail??
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