CS is Fun!

I have found that making CS a much larger part of my recreational time has translated into a much greater focus and interest in the field generally.  Here are fantastic resources to get started with turning computer science study into a crazy, quirky and fun activity for your free time.

Best YouTube personalities:


Particularly his ‘Python Plays GTA V’ series where he builds a self-driving car in GTA V is a fantastic, deep and very fun watch.

Sentex also has a large website where he aggrigates his tutorials.  Fantastic resource for getting started with data science! pythonprogramming.net

Siraj Raval

A fantastic channel centered around trendy topics in computer science like deep learning, decentralized computing with a focus on practical application.  I love this channel because he really encourages viewers to replicate and expand upon his work.  Keeping up with this channel will really improve your abilities as a programmer and your awareness of interesting topics in tech.

His series of ‘Really Quick Questions’ is also really well done and good insight into what modern industry leaders are actually doing and using to get work done.

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