DIY Drones

Ultimate Guide to DIY Drones

But to be clear, this is more than just a build guide.


  1. A Note on Building Drones  –This really matters, please be advised.
  2. Parts  — Quality matters
  3. Assembly — Precision saves time
  4. Working with Electronics — Check your voltages!
  5. Tuning your Quad — Easy does it..
  6. Improving (Racing?) Skill  — Buy extra props
  7. What do you want to see??  Email me. 🙂


Fantastic Resources:

While your are building your drone here are several websites, forums and YouTube channels that I highly recommend as awesome sources for great drone info:

  1. Bruce at RCModelReviews.  Particularly his cheap 250 quad series.
  2. RCGroups forums, particularly their multi-rotor sections.  Check out the taps for ‘beginners,’ ‘electronics,’ and much more.
  3. FPV lab forums, this is the best source for information on flying First Person View (cameras and video transmission).
  4. Gather inspiration from Mr. Steele (FPV flyer).  Particularly this video, it’s awesome.
  5. My favorite stores:
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