My Favorite Places on the Internet

People I (mostly) admire

Blogs that are curious, and science-minded

WaitButWhy – deep investigations of meaningful topics: how society functions, should you freeze your body after death, etc. But with stick-figures and a lot of personality.

Stratechary – meaningful analysis of tech companies: competition, money, and organizational structure.

Barking up the Wrong Tree (Eric Barker) – science-backed (or just science-inspired?) life tips: emotional wellness and personal development.

Productivity Youtubers

Ali AbdaalHow to remember what you read. Another standout: content ingestion system (for articles, websites, etc).

Ali Abdaal’s Content ingestion system. Having a second brain is an equally important takeaway — Notion or OneNote are the best option for most people. Those who favor markdown and want to own their own data may prefer Obsidian.

Matt D’Avella – productivity and “wholesome work life” motivation.

College Info Geek — really focused on productivity apps and systems for school.

Deeply Scientific Youtubers

Real Engineering — beautifully produced, broadly appealing but deeply specific videos about building cool things.

Wendover Productions — logistics about everything (especially airlines).

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