🥇 5/5 Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!

🖋️ By Richard Feynman
🎧 I listened the audiobook. Worse than reading, but better than nothing!

These are summary notes of surprising information, written so I can better remember what I read.

I loved this book because it focused on the human behind the science. Everyone says he was a flamboyant, captivating man and I found his book no different.

TL;DR he was horny, and full of life and adventure. His horniness seems like a stable of his life, and yet he managed to be quite productive. He was also a good student and hard worker. Follow your curiosity.

This guy is a full human, like me. He spent a lot of time going to bars and chasing after girls, and learning other languages, learned to paint and draw (just to see nude women) and things like that.

He got extremely lucky; first technical presentation was to Einstein and Oppenheimer at Los Alamos.

He went to a titty bar for lunch every day for years as a married professor. And advocated for it to city council when some community people wanted it shut down.

He thought the Nobel prize was more of a nuance than a help (money was nice, except it tempted him).

Except he thought if he had too much money (like from a really good University of Chicago offer) it would RUIN him BECAUSE: he could get a mistress with her own home. He laments that ‘he would worry about her all the time, and it would ruin his marriage, and make him sad.’ He turned down the fuck-you-level “mistress money.” One life lesson is knowing your weakness, and defending against them even when that means turning down a major raise. Stay focused on chasing what’s important.

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