Experiments in Visualizing Machine Learning Architecture

The original paper’s arcitecture diagram for comparison. I think this diagram has less info and is harder to parse (particularly to double arrows going to the attention weights and code vector, when it’s actually easily expressed in a step-by-step way that’s easier to visually understand.

To best present this material, I broke the network down in order to introduce one step at a time.

Similarly, this version glows to highlight which parameters are learnable.

I designed this in Figma, using a few plugins for the grid, arrows, and glowing effects.

Here’s a rough draft I made in the CleanShot editor tool.

This makes learning the structure more intuitive for beginners, and faster for experienced researchers. Win-win.

I received great feedback on this design in a graduate class at UIUC, and I hope to continue innovating on better ways to communicate technical information.

Unusually active Zoom chat.

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